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Redefining frontiers in Lung Cancer and COPD through responsive discussion: Research Innovations & Therapy
- Lung Cancer and COPD Congress 2019



The 6th International Conference on Lung cancer and COPD is the world’s largest educational and scientific conference, dedicated to lung cancer and the related diseases, going to be hosted by Allied Academies on May 13-14, 2019 at Athens, Greece after successfully completing the Lung Cancer and COPD Congress 2018. The congress summarizes the recent developments and advancements in lung cancer and COPD research. The attendees for the conference include medical oncologists, pulmonologists, epidemiologists, surgeons, pathologists, research scientists, respiratory physicians, health care professionals and representative from the business background.

Why to attend Lung Cancer and COPD Congress 2019?

Lung Cancer and COPD Congress 2019 provides a golden opportunity to meet with the leading national and international speakers who will discuss the latest advancements in lung cancer, COPD and to the related diseases worldwide. Congress unites individuals or eminent personalities from all over the world, who share a common discipline or field. This conference is a collaborative event for the researchers from both business and academia background and offers current and recent information on the management of lung cancer, as well as the possible therapies and strategies to shape the future of lung cancer and COPD research.

Welcome Message

On behalf of our Lung Cancer and COPD Congress 2019 team, we cordially invite you to the 6th International Conference on Lung Cancer and COPD. Copd


Track on Lung cancer:

Lung cancer or malignancy, generally called lung carcinoma, is a debilitating lung tumor depicted by uncontrolled cells advancement in tissues of the lung. This advancement can spread past the lung by the strategy of metastasis into neighboring tissue or distinctive parts of the body. Most developments that start in the lung, known as basic lung malignancies, are carcinomas. The most surely understood appearances are weight decrease, shortness of breath, and chest torments.

Two types of lung cancer are as follows:

·         Small cell lung carcinoma

·         Non-small cell lung carcinoma

Track on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease:

COPD is a kind of the lung ailment and exceptionally common issue that causes from the interaction of hereditary helplessness. COPD is a lung contamination that results from checks in the flying courses of the lungs that provoke breathing issues. COPD might be ensnared by unending bronchitis or emphysema; a couple of patients make the two issues that provoke additional breathing issues. A couple of clinicians think about steady bronchitis and emphysema as basically advance indications of COPD. Mischief to the lung tissue after some time causes physical changes in the lungs and the aeronautics courses wind up observably halted up with thick organic liquid. Consistence twists up evidently crippled in light of this lung tissue hurt. This weakened consistence or adaptability of the lungs suggests that oxygen can't get to the air spaces where oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange occurs in the lung. This all prompts hacking to remove the thick organic liquid and over the long haul, inconvenience in unwinding.

It is discovered that not a solitary quality records for a noteworthy piece of the articulation however a polygenic model is in charge of quality control. The noteworthy innovative advances have been made in hereditary assessment of complex maladies, in COPD there is an inadequacy of Alpha-1 Anti-trypsin (an uncommon acquired issue). It tends to be affected by ecological variables and cigarette smoking.


Track on Tuberculosis:

Tuberculosis (TB) is a compelling sickness as a general rule caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB). Tuberculosis generally impacts the lungs, yet can moreover impact distinctive parts of the body. Tuberculosis is spread through the air when people who have dynamic TB in their lungs hack, spit, talk, or wheeze. People with sit without moving TB don't spread the infirmity. Dynamic sullying happens simply more frequently in people with HIV/AIDS and in the people who smoke. Finish of dynamic TB relies upon chest X-pillars, and furthermore minor examination and culture of body fluids. Finding of torpid TB relies upon the tuberculin skin test (TST) or blood tests.

Track on Diagnostic Evaluation of lung cancer:

The recognition and conclusion of lung growth and COPD can be assessed by playing out the accompanying tests: Spirometry, chest radiography, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, CT filter, Arterial blood gas examination, Severity, finish blood check, transthoracic ultrasonography and Lung work tests. Spirometry estimates the measure of wind current obstacle display and is by and large done after the utilization of a bronchodilator. An Arterial blood gas test estimates the oxygen level in blood and the outcome can indicate how serious COPD is and whether tolerant need oxygen treatment. The differential conclusion is likewise performed for testing the asthma, congestive heart disappointment and aspiratory embolism.

Track on Respiratory Failure and Reactive airway disease:

Respiratory dissatisfaction in like manner can happen if your lungs can't really remove carbon dioxide (a waste gas) from your blood. An intemperate measure of carbon dioxide in your blood can hurt your body's organs. Respiratory frustration happens on account of lacking gas exchange by the respiratory system, inferring that the vein oxygen, carbon dioxide or both can't be kept at standard levels. A drop in the oxygen passed on in blood is known as hypoxemia; a climb in vein carbon dioxide levels is called hypercapnia.

 Track on Cancer Awareness and Prevention:

Cancer Prevention is an action which is used to lower the probability of getting cancer. It mainly includes:

·         Healthy lifestyle

·         Avoiding exposure to cancer causing substances

·         Taking medicines or vaccines

Market Analysis

Importance & Scope:

Lung cancer and COPD Congress 2019 will provide the best platform for all the oncologists, academicians, researchers, professors, medical students who are working in this field to exchange their knowledge related to Lung cancer and COPD Research. This international event is an effort to understand the underlying biological procedures which are amended to increase effectiveness, precision, survivability and quality of life.

Major Lung cancer Associations:

American College of Radiation Oncology

Armenian Association of Hematology and Oncology

Asian Society for Neuro-Oncology

Association for International Cancer Research

Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation

Austrian Cancer Society

Belgium Foundation against Cancer

Bolivian Society of Oncology

Canadian Cancer Society

Cancer Association of Zimbabwe

Egyptian Cancer Society

German Cancer Society

Japan Lung Cancer Society

National Health and Medical Research Council

Singapore Cancer Society

Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia

Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation


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