COPD and Lung Cancer

COPD and Lung Cancer Photo Both COPD and lung cancer are major global health concerns owing to cigarette smoking, and represent a vast, global, preventable disease problem. Patients with COPD are at high risk for both the development of primary lung cancer, as well as poor result after lung cancer diagnosis and treatment. As a result of existing impairments in lung function, patients with COPD frequently do not meet traditional criteria for tolerance of definitive surgical lung cancer therapy. The risk of lung cancer in patients with COPD is two to five fold greater when compared with smokers without COPD. On the other hand COPD could be a driving factor in lung cancer, by increasing oxidative stress and the resulting DNA damage, chronic exposure to pro-inflammatory cytokines, repression of the DNA repair mechanisms and increased cellular proliferation. Understanding the mechanisms that drive these processes in primary cells from patients with these diseases along with better disease models is fundamental for the advancement of new treatments.

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