COPD Prevention and Management

COPD Prevention and Management Photo

Patients with COPD, faces difficulty in clearing their lungs; with bacteria, dusts and other pollutants presents in surrounding environment. Self-Management mediation help patients with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) procure and hone the aptitudes they have to do disease specific medical regimens, direct changes in well being conduct and provide enthusiastic support to enable patients to control their disease. Previously, acute toxicity was associated with occupational exposures to concentrations of soluble beryllium salts greater than 100 ?g/m3. With the start of industrial control measures to minimize air levels, acute pulmonary syndromes have virtually disappeared in respective to COPD. Smoking bans in public areas and places of work are important measures to decrease exposure to secondhand smoke. Usage of proper stove and chimneys may improve indoor air quality by 85%, by using alternative energy sources. Powerful dust control can be accomplished by enhancing ventilation, utilizing water sprays and by utilizing mining strategies that minimize dust generation.

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