Prevention and Awareness on COPD

Prevention and Awareness on COPD Photo

Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease require greater motivation to seek help when symptom changes occur and are unaware of their increased risk of developing lung cancer further. Prevention of COPD is very crucial. People with COPD have difficulty in clearing their lungs containing bacteria, dusts and other pollutants. This may lead to lung infections that may cause further damage to the lungs. Previously, acute toxicity was associated with occupational exposures to concentrations of soluble beryllium salts greater than 100 ?g/m3. With the advent of industrial control measures to minimize air levels, acute pulmonary syndromes have virtually disappeared in respective to COPD. Preventing measures include:

·         Smoking cessation

·         Vaccinations like influenza vaccination and pneumococcal vaccine

·         Avoiding exposure to secondhand smoke

·         Protecting against chemicals, dust and fumes

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